Canadian Notary Services in China

We provide Canadian notary services in China so that you do not need to travel to Canada to notarize your documents. 

If you are purchasing a home in Canada, you will need to locate a Canadian Notary Public to confirm your identity and authenticate your property purchase and sale agreements, banking and other documents related to your purchase and you can do all of this from our offices in China. 

We provide a full range of notary services including the notarization of Canadian property closing documents, bank mortgage applications, Canadian government documents, certified true copies of passports, driver’s licenses and other identification documents, power of attorney forms, statutory declarations and many other documents. We also assist with applications for Canadian Permanent Residence Cards and Canadian Passports, fingerprinting and obtaining Canadian and Chinese non-criminal record certificates, legalization and authentication of documents, English and Chinese translations and a range of other legal services.

China Criminal Record Check

To Apply for a Non-Criminal Record Check Certificate from Public Security Bureau in China, the following documents are required:

Certified IDs and Passports

We Provide Certified Copies of Canadian, Chinese and other Valid Passports, Chinese Identity Cards, Canadian Permanent Residence Cards and Other Important Documents



Canadian Government Forms

We notarize official Canadian government forms which are required for a variety of different situations such as freehold land transfer forms, affidavit of attestation or dower release form, making a declaration that you are a common-law couple, travel consent forms and many more.


Canadian Immigration

We notarize all of the relevant documents required when    submitting applications to move to, study and buy property in Canada.