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Our lawyers and consultants take a personalized approach to your immigration strategy. We offer immigration, property and notary services from our offices in China. We work together with our teams of professionals in Canada to help increase your chances of obtaining a Canadian visa, residency or citizenship and to locate, manage and purchase a home in Canada where you plan to work, do business, study or retire.

What We Do

Canadian Real Estate Services

Our real estate professionals consist of Canadian and Chinese lawyers and Canadian finance and property experts who offer a one stop, turn-key service to assist Chinese buyers with purchasing properties in Canada.

What We Do

Canadian Immigration & Visa Services

Our Canadian lawyers based in China and Canada specialize in assisting with applications to immigrate to Canada. Our immigration team is constituted of licensed Canadian lawyers and regulated Canadian immigration consultants, and technical staff. We provide services in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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What Our Clients Say

Our clients appreciate our personalized approach to determining the best immigration options available and that the work we complete is led by our knowledgeable Canadian lawyers. Many of our clients are interested in reallocating to Canada for work, business or study and commonly purchase homes the same time. Being able to offer immigration, legal and real estate services as a package from our offices in China has proven to be an asset for many of our clients.

Alice Tan - Engineer
Canada has many different immigration programs and the application procedure is lengthy and confusing at times. Moxiu’s lawyers and consultants helped us successfully apply and explained the procedures one step at a time. This made the application process much easier compared to when we attempted to apply without hiring a service provider.

Zhang Wei - CEO, Founder

Moxiu’s lawyers took the guess work out of applying for Canadian permanent residence and purchasing a property in Canada. It was very helpful to be able to communicate about our applications and property closing using Chinese language. In addition, we were able to complete our property closing from Moxiu’s office in Shanghai instead of travelling to Canada. Using the services of Moxiu made a difference.

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