PNP Programs

Immigrate to Canada by submitting an application to obtain a visa through a Provincial Nominee Program

PNP Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs

Canada’s provincial nominee programs (PNPs) offer a pathway to Canadian permanent residence for individuals who are interested in immigrating to a specific Canadian province or territory. Each Canadian province and territory operate its own PNP designed to meet its specific economic and demographic needs. Permanent residence in Canada can be obtained if you are nominated by a Canadian province or territory. 

Overview of PNP Programs

Each Canadian province and territory operate its own PNP and the eligibility factors for PNPs vary in each province and territory. Each province sets their own eligibility requirements for language proficiency, education, and skill set. To qualify, you must also demonstrate that you will be able to contribute to the local economy and have a genuine intention to settle in that province or territory.

Application Procedure

Applying for Canadian permanent residence through a PNP program is a two-step process. First, you must apply to the province. Once that has been approved, you must then submit your application to the federal government.

Eligibility Requirements

Since each province set their own eligibility requirements, they use different points systems to determine who can apply or receive an invitation. Points are typically based on a combination of age, work experience, education, language, and connections to the province. Not all nominee programs use a points system to rank their candidates.

Some PNPs prioritize immigrants who have experience in occupations that are in demand in that province. Other PNPs prefer immigrants who have a connection to the province, like a relative, as this increases the chance that they will remain in the province.

Almost all PNPs require candidates to take a designated French or English language exam to demonstrate their proficiency in one of Canada’s official languages and most PNPs require at least one year of work experience to apply.

Canada views international students, health care, information technology professionals and entrepreneurs as ideal applicants. To retain international graduates, there are several Provincial Nominee Programs offered to international graduates and entrepreneurs across Canada.

As with most economic immigration programs, young applicants who possess strong language skills, high levels of education, and skilled work experience are better suited to succeed.

Please contact us in order to determine which PNP programs is most relevant for your situation, and we will help explain the eligibility factors for each program individually.

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