Canadian Real Estate

Property Purchase and Sale In Canada

One Stop turn-key services to assist Chinese buyers with purchasing properties in Canada

The Canadian estate markets are rich with opportunity. Perhaps you are a Chinese buyer looking to purchase an investment property in Canada or you may simply wish to purchase a property for your children who are moving to Canada for school. Regardless of why you would like to take advantage of the Canadian real estate market, Chinese buyers often face a host of obstacles during the process of purchasing Canadian properties. Without local expertise the task of locating and acquiring quality property can be challenging.

Our real estate professionals consist of Canadian and Chinese lawyers and Canadian finance and property experts who offer a one stop, turn-key service to assist Chinese buyers with purchasing properties in Canada. Our dedicated team provides a client focused experience focusing on each individual’s particular needs. Our rich expertise makes the process of purchasing a property in Canada extremely simple and seamless for you as a purchaser. In addition, we also assist with property sales transactions.

Strategic Market-Entry Analysis

We will work with you to find the exact property that fits your needs. Our local experts have relationships with building developers and are aware of the many projects and properties for sale in Canada. This local knowledge can be the difference between a successful investment and a poor investment. Our local experts will assist in negotiating the best price available for your property. Our local experts also have access to investments that are not available to others.  These properties are not listed on various online portals. They come at reduced prices as a result of close relationships between our company and the developer of these properties.

Customized One-Stop Services

If you require any other services, we can help source mortgages and insurance and help locate tenants for your property and manage your property when you are outside of Canada.  We provide a customized one stop service that meets every one of your needs.  This is the difference between our company and using an online portal to purchase a property without proper guidance.

Mortgages and Loans

We can help you locate and apply for mortgages in Canada from private and public lenders. We also assist with locating home insurance providers

Transaction Advisory Services

We will help you navigate through the laws associated with your property closing, help you reduce your taxes, draft your closing documents and assist with all legal aspects of your purchase or sale.

Notary Services in China

Our Canadian lawyers in China prepare property closing documents and a full range of notary services associated with property closing transactions in Canada. Meet with our lawyer in China to notarize your property purchase and sale and mortgage documents instead of traveling to Canada to sign and have your property purchase and sale documents notarized.

Our Process

You will work with a Canadian lawyer in China to close your property acquisition. Your lawyer in China will in turn will work with your Canadian lawyer in Canada to navigate through local laws regarding purchase and sale transactions. You will also receive some of the best local knowledge available with respect to the Canadian real estate market and where is best to invest.  During our first meeting you will meet with our legal counsel in China who will discuss the various steps of the process.  You are also welcome to review some of the recent deals that are only available to our clients. We have a portfolio of properties to introduce.

Our Legal Services related to the sale or purchase of a property in Canada

We Commonly Notarize Canadian Closing Documents in China